Training during Flu Season



Its a tough time of the year especially this year! In Georgia the Flu epidemic is shutting schools down and making people miss work. In the last week I have had to spend a few days in bed due to illness. I missed a big event I had planned for months last weekend and this week I have missed days teaching due to a high fever.  Thankfully with adequate rest and medication my fever has subsided.



What should you do if you get sick and want to train? Don’t train is the answer! While it may be tempting to train it is very inconsiderate. That is why when I run a fever I don’t come around the school. I’d rather be training but I know I would not want to get anyone else sick.


if you have been sick, are sick or getting sick. Please be courteous enough to get well before training. Everything is hands one especially martial arts.

I don’t want to come across too firmly but i will ask you to leave if you dont adhere to this common sense rule.

Fever= don’t train
Coughing and Congested = don’t train
Throwing up or diarreah​ = don’t train 4 days (minimum) after you were last sick.
Kids sick = don’t bring them with you.

Lysol, germx or antibiotics does NOT kill stomach bugs. Wash your hands with soap and clean with bleach.

If you have a fever… You Are contagious.

No exceptions.

Even me!


Prof. Jason