The Value of Teaching Respect



Teaching kids is one of the most rewarding ventures I have ever taken upon myself to do. Its truly amazing to watch them grow and flourish over time. No matter how good they become at Jiujitsu its the life skills that matter the most. It all starts with respect.



What is respect? Its defined as holding something in high regard. If you respect someone you value their thoughts and opinions. You do not want to let them down and you want them to be proud of you. You wish to be respected you must first give respect.


At Jiujitsu Columbus we get kids doing this everyday. From bowing on and off the mat, using courtesy phrases, and respecting each other. Jiujitsu is a very demanding art even for kids. To get the most out of training and class they must respect the Professor and their partners. Even our Mini Blinds class( 4-6 year olds) the kids must use courtesy phrases and show respect at home. We have had great success by working with parents to reinforce good habits at home and school.