Start off Strong for Back to school!


With Back to School here many parents wonder what the school year will bring. Especially if their child is going to a new school. Will they succeed? Will they make friends? Will they be bullied? Will their self esteem drop? Its tough for kids out there these days.

This is why Brazilian Jiujitsu(BJJ) has been proven time and time again to be such a strong base for children. No matter what happens they will have the confidence to stand up for themselves and they will have confidence in their abilities and decision making. With BJJ its not just talk! Its a practical and realistic system that they can apply relatively quick.

At Blind Fury BJJ we teach Kids to fight fire with water. We do not believe in injuring the bully unless they have given us no other option. Our method has been proven with our Jiujitsu Kids. They learn to subdue the bully and negotiate. With knowledge comes power and with power responsibility! Give you child Confidence and other life skills they need this year!

Yours in Training,

Prof. Jason