Make 2017 the year of YOU!



Its that time again! Time for presents and being with friends and family! Also the time to gain weight!


If you are already thinking about losing weight in 2017 you aren’t alone. Every year millions of people make losing weight their primary goal just to see themselves in the same place the following year. That’s why martial arts is the answer!


Think about it. Would you rather go to a gym and do cardio on a machine for 30 minutes or lift weighs for an hour? Martial arts isn’t just another fitness activity. It gives you something the gyms cant! Community!  Going to martial arts classes WILL help you lose weight while learning a skill but you’ll be doing it with people that want to help you and are living a healthy lifestyle


Sure we have students that have lost 40lbs in two months but honestly that wasn’t even what they were at our school for. They wanted a fun activity and they wanted to learn how to defend themselves. Its the other students and instructors that kept them WANTING to come to class.


And you can imagine this scenario  in your own life. You are at work or home all day thinking about going to the gym to sit on a bike for 45 minutes. If that sounds exciting to you enjoy yourself. Imagine the same thing except you will be doing kickboxing or Jiujitsu with your friends?



I know which option sounds best to me.



See you on the mat!


Professor Jason