Kickboxing Classes Columbus Georgia

800 calories an hour. Never boring.

Welcome to your new workout addiction.

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Real Kickboxing

In our kickboxing classes you'll learn real kickboxing, without all the bumps and bruises.

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Awesome Workout

Kickboxing burns up to 800 calories an hour. You'll be torching fat off your body faster than you can say "roundhouse kick."

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Never Boring

No more endless jogging on the treadmill. No more long lines at the gym. Just show up, get your sweat on, and hit stuff.

Fun. Fit. Fantastic.

Fitness kickboxing classes at Blind Fury Jiu-Jitsu offer a workout like no other. You'll be learning real kickboxing in a non-contact class, torching fat and having a blast doing it. Welcome to your new workout addiction.

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