Jiujitsu and why we love it!

We are waiting top help you improve! Come and join us!

Brazilian Jiujitsu is my true passion in life. Not only training but also teaching the art to kids, adults, and whoever else wants it in their life!


Here are a few of the major reasons people train BJJ with us!


Its a fun workout with great people


The atmosphere at our school is very friendly and welcoming. We make sure you get personal attention in the beginning and if you need help we ensure you get it!  The people are great and the classes are fun! Its not like any other training! You look forward to each day and class!  It’s very easy to lose the pounds also because you don’t even think about the workout! Its just that much fun!


Jiujitsu is endless

Jiujitsu is always evolving and growing. Even if you are like me and have trained for 20 years there is always a lot to learn and its a very exciting art! You definitely won’t get bored learning this style. When it comes to the sparring, which we call rolling, It is always fun and new! its certainly everyone’s favorite part of the day!


Stress relief that has no equal!

If you are having a stressful day BJJ will help you get some of that energy out! There is something about the drills and the moves that help you feel better and more positive after. I know when I’m feeling stressed out at the end of a long day a good BJJ class seems to make me forget what was stressing me out in the first place. I’m usually too tired to care if I remember anyway!



See you on the Mat!


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