Holidays are almost over! Time to get in Shape Columbus GA!

kettlebellgIf you are like me then you ate WAY too much over the holidays! If you are also like me you can’t wait to start shedding those pounds!


A series of unfortunate events

Last year I had reconstructive knee surgery and I gained about 6 pounds. This year I had neck surgery and I gained another 5lbs.


I’m not worried though! I’m ready to get in the best shape since I was 25 this year! Unlike when I was 25 though I’m a bit wiser and I have a way better plan. If you join me you can benefit from this plan too


You see, I have been fortunate to have not only been trained by some of the best athletes and trainers  on the planet but I have also trained some top level Pro athletes. Not only that but I have helped everyday people meet and BEAT their fitness goals and its really easy. Keep reading because this is how we are going to do it!


If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together

As I have said before working out alone is ok but in a group setting its better! Why? Because in a group you will receive help and that is really important no matter what fitness level you are. If you are new to a workout you can make sure you wont cause any damage! Working out really wont account for much if you end up getting hurt. If you are experienced you can make sure you don’t have any bad habits  and you may change up the routine a bit with even some small tips

Another great benefit of training with a group is you will make friends! Sitting at work all day thinking about getting to see friends and working out with them will keep you coming back to train! Plus if they are more experienced they will help make sure you experience success!


Kickboxing rocks!

In a study by ACE ( American Council on Exercise ) people can burn up to 500 Calories an hour with Kickboxing! Not only is it a great workout but its also really fun! There are a lot of places that have kickboxing but I tend to want some sort of practical application if I’m training. I’d like to be able to defend myself if necessary so a bag hitting class or a place that doesn’t offer much in that area doesn’t hold much interest for me.

What’s really sad is that there are places that offer only bag hitting classes but allude to it as REAL self defense. Sorry but that is dangerous! It may be  good workout but that is like saying Zumba makes you a great dancer!

Let’s get some real skills while having fun and getting a great workout! Kickboxing kickbox2is king! Our program has all the benefits but in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Lots of hitting stuff and drills to get you in shape AND ready for whatever may come! Plus its the basis of our Krav Maga program! With that you’ll develop real skills and real confidence!


Body Mastery!

I’m really excited about this!  This is a culmination of years of thought and learning! One of my coaches is fond of saying “your only as good as your recovery”. And he is right! Programs that offer high intensity without recovery in mind is only setting you up for injury! Body mastery offers a Great workout that is scalable( meaning only doing what you are capable of) and has long term health in mind. You’ll learn proper form, exercises that will improve health and fitness, and recovery techniques! we will do this with Kettlebells, bodyweight, suspension training, and more!


I hope you join me in 2017 for your fitness goals. BTW, I didn’t even mention Jiu Jitsu,. That burns up to 1000 calories an hour.


I’ll give you 10 days FREE! Try iit out! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Lets get going today!